A home with its own character

Eclectic personality

It is always the clients who look for and decide to buy a house, but only on exceptional occasions do we find a property with such a special charm and a marked character, that they are the ones who are allowed to choose their exclusive owners.

Characteristic for its eclectic style, fusing Mediterranean beauty and turning the spaces into transition patios. With the refinement of the details made in arcades, forges, and carpentries that surround each room, with geometries that do not attend to an overall image, but mark more strongly the difference of each unit, showing the passion and soul put into its creation.

A environment with history

Sierra Blanca is located at the foot of a majestic mountain from which it takes its name. It is one of the most prestigious urbanizations in Marbella. This mountain range is also responsible for the microclimate enjoyed by this city.

Sierra Blanca offers a place to live with maximum privacy in a quiet place surrounded by a protected natural area, where a landscape of pine trees contrasts with the proximity of the beach. The soul of the mountain is the story of the sailors who saved their lives when they were shipwrecked near its shores.

In gratitude to the mountain, the survivors put La Cruz de Juanar on one of its slopes. The mountain looks proudly at this cross that watches over the coast in search of more lost sailors.

A place to free yourself

Villa Figaro, is not simply a singular villa in a privileged geographical place.

Villa Figaro is a way of being and a way of living that invites you to be yourself in a free and natural way like the place where it is located.

Space to get away

The villa has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms formed by three different bodies:

Main body: consists of a large kitchen where you can experience the secrets of its previous owner, one of the most prestigious British chefs.

Exterior dining room, interior dining room, spacious hall, double-height living room with reading area, guest room with dressing room, bathroom, and Esencias patio, staff room with bathroom, billiard room, gym, swimming pool, bar-pool area, and laundry.

It also has an exceptional master bedroom with double-height ceilings, dressing room, terrace, solarium, living room with fireplace, access to a reading area, and a bathroom.

Separated body: an exclusive master-suite with a differentiated character that offers privacy and relaxation with wide spaces and a large gazebo patio where you can have breakfast while enjoying the silence or where you can have dinner while delighting in the exuberant floral patio.

Semi-annexed body: composed of three rooms with their own soul that converge in the Patio de Los Aromas, where the sound of its fountain and its portico will lead your guests to escape.

The first room with surprisingly integrated spaces leaves no one indifferent. The second ones is in itself a “little home” developed on two floors with a living room, bathroom, and a bedroom on the upper floor that has a space dedicated to reading and relaxing.

The last room has a difficult balance that integrates and keeps separate at the same time, the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom with dressing room.


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